Antonio Cumple 50 (2015)

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Alejandro Mira

Dată lansare (SUA):

20 Octombrie 2015

Dată lansare (Romania):

27 Septembrie 2020

It's Antonio's birthday, and to celebrate the date, he and his wife (Lola) invited to dinner his two sons and a couple of friends (Marga and Jorge). As usual, between the family there are personal issues to resolve, and throughout the dinner tensions begin to emerge. The diners, despite being people apparently "civic" are slowly losing his composure and manners. The family situation goes into crisis, it becomes totally unsustainable and all them come to the same conclusion: Antonio is to blame for all their ills ... Antonio's birthday becomes from this time on a real blunder in which all rebel against him forcing him to redeem himself from his "tyranny" as a parent. An insurmountable need to break with the established and released their own lies leads the characters to commit authentic follies, creating deliriously funny and shocking situations. Chamanic acts, collective nervous breakdowns, extreme discussions, hallucinations, seizures unsustainable laughter, chases and improbable fights, are just some examples of situations that will be involved Antonio and his family in their own home. "Antonio turns 50" is an story in which personal relationships exploits in a surreal trip where, with many humor, subjects as jealousy, intolerance, fear, appearances, etc. are treated. If reading this synopsis you think that is some kind of "Festen" (Thomas Vinterberg), you're wrong. "Antonio turns 50" is a crazy comedy that has nothing to see with the Danish dramatic atmosphere ... If we had to describe the film with other cinematographic references, we would say that style begins like "Carnage" (Polanski) and as is going forward is more like "the Community" (Alex de la Iglesia). We have before us a wildly imaginative, rabidly current, full of sensitivity comedy with well-defined characters and dialogue filled with irony and humor.


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