Father Dowling Mysteries (1989)

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Dată lansare (SUA):

20 Ianuarie 1989

Dată lansare (Romania):

20 Octombrie 2021

Father Frank Dowling, a fine Catholic parish priest in Chicago, drives housekeeper Marie to despair by his habit of being late for dinner as he and his assistant (streetwise nun Stephanie 'Steve' Oskowski) solve numerous neighborhood crimes, usually involving at least one murder. They generally outsmart the police as well as the criminals. The live-in priest Father Philip Prestwick, whose priority is his own ecclesiastical career prospects, takes a very dim view of their crime fighting and on Sister Steve even being there.




L-am urmarit in trecut si ma uit si acum cand il mai prind pe AXN Crime. Este in genul "Murder, She Wrote - Verdict crimă" si pe langa mister contine ceva placut, nu stiu cum sa definesc corect. De fapt Father Frank Dowling a jucat in primele episoade din mai celebrul "Verdict crima". In fine, este un serial interesant si placut de urmarit.

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