Fish Story: The Curse of Mocatawbi Pond (2012)

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Dată lansare (SUA):

18 Mai 2012

Dată lansare (Romania):

23 Octombrie 2021

Follows the story of Gilbert Hooke. Gilbert was at one time on his way to the big time! But a taste for liquor and an unlucky streak got in the way and he's resigned now to playing local dives. His wife, Marina, is always on him to get a real job and help with the bills, but Gilbert will hear nothing of it. He still dreams of making the big time. After a particularly intense harassing from Marina one morning, Gilbert decides to hit the fishing hole (his favorite past time other than drinking) and fish his worries away. On the way he stops and talks to Ole Wormy Angler who advises him not to go to his particular destination: Mocatawbi Pond, because of a curse that was put upon it. But Gilbert doesn't listen and amidst his fishing expedition he catches a particularly interesting creature. It looks like a fish, smells like a fish, but has one tiny difference. It talks! Not only does it talk, it's extremely sarcastic... and mean... and crass. His name is Finnius Flacker. And if Gilbert will take him out of the accursed Mocatawbi Pond, Finnius promises to change Gilbert's fortunes for good. Gilbert takes the bait and soon finds himself amidst a world of comedic chaos as the curse that was upon Finnius, who was once a man, now rests upon him.


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