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28 Iulie 2021

Innovation comes from within. It's our interns who change the game. In a sequence of scenes from this year's Oscar nominees, we'll reveal how the inspiration in the film came from the help of an intern. In 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' we learn that it was an intern who helps Rooney Mara's character how to solve the crime. In 'Moneyball' it was actually an intern who tells Jonah Hill's character the formula to make the A's win. In 'Bridesmaids' we learn it was an intern who told Rose Bryne's character not to eat the food at the Mexican Restaurant, hence why she was the only one that didn't get food poisoning. Finally, in 'The Artist' we learn that it was an intern who inspired the director to go back to the basics and make a black and white, silent film instead of the trending big, 3D blockbusters.


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