Iron Road (2009)

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Dată lansare (SUA):

9 August 2009

Dată lansare (Romania):

25 Iulie 2021

In 1882, Alfred Nichol, owner of the Nichol Railway Company, is building a railroad through the Canadian Rockies. He sends his irresponsible playboy son, James Nichol, to Hong Kong to check on the company's recruitment of Chinese laborers to work on the railroad's construction. One of the laborers James brings back is a orphan boy named Little Tiger. Unknown to James, Little Tiger is actually a young woman, who is masquerading as a boy to eke out a better living for herself. She is desperate to make it to Canada to find her missing father. Professionally, Little Tiger is tasked with being a tea boy to the other laborers on the construction crew, although she really wants to work on the more lucrative explosives team as, working at a firecracker factory in Hong Kong, she learned the finer details of explosives from a master. She also learns of some improprieties within the construction camp. Personally, Little Tiger falls in love with James, an unforbidden love even if she exposes her true identity to him because of their race differences. Ultimately, Little Tiger has a profound effect on her new Canadian friend.




Saptamana aceasta a fost prezentat filmul la Pro Cinema, mi-a placut foarte mult, atat ideea filmului (inspirata din fapte reale), cat si modul in care joaca actorii. O fetita din China, din cauza situatie proaste in care se afla (mama moarta, tatal plecat pe Muntele de Aur) se da drept baiat si pleaca si ea pe Muntele de aur sa construiasca drumuri de fier: cale ferata. Fiind cea mai desteapta dintre toti chinezii ajunge sa aiba unele probleme cu o parte dintre sefi, se indragosteste de fiul celui care construieste calea ferata, isi intalneste tatal...merita vazut!!!! e superb!

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