Juro que te amo (2008)

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Dată lansare (SUA):

28 Iulie 2008

Dată lansare (Romania):

26 Septembrie 2021

After Violeta's father dies, her family and her start to lose respect in the town. A lot of misfortunes start to happen like losing her father's company, Violeta's mother gets raped and the guy who raped her told everyone that she was being a whore. Violeta's older brother grows more disrespectful to her mother and everyone. Her sister Leah is blind and she has a little brother ned Dany. Violeta in all that has been happening to her falls in to love with a pilot, Max, who only seeks to get in her pants. Violeta's pride gets in the way of finding help to save her fathers company. In which she calls a far wealthy relative of her father, Marino, in the capital for help. Him coming to the town he some realize that family would be better in his home in the capital. They move to his home in the capital, to which his wife does not find pleasing and dislikes the family. Marino's youngest son, who is the most do to earth of all of Marino's children, falls in love of Leah. And even after moving to the capital Violeta and her family still face lots more challenges.


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