La piovra 4 (1989)

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Dată lansare (SUA):

5 Martie 1989

Dată lansare (Romania):

27 Mai 2022

A couple of years have passed since Corrado Cattani and Giulia Antinari broke up; during this time, Giulia died in an accident (that might or might not have been planned by Tano) and Corrado has lived alone in a place when he can be guarded 24/7. A new investigation brings him face to face with his old enemy Tano Carridi again: at a reception organized by the Antinari bank, a casino owner named Tindari,someone with close connections to the mafia, is brutally murdered.It turns out that the asassin, Salvatore Frolo,had personal reasons to commit the murder: back in Sicilia, many years ago,Tindari had killed his wife and daughter. While Corrado investigates the case with the help of judge Silvia Conti and journalist Davide Faeti,hoping to find more about the mafia's involvement in Tindari's casino business, Tano has three main points on his agenda: 1.Get Greta Antinari's custody in order to have total control over the Antinari bank; 2. Invest mafia money into a huge corporation called "International Insurances", the first step towards taking over the company being a convenient marriage with the "Insurances" manager's daughter, Ester Rasi; 3. Get rid of Cattani once and for all...




Un sezon extrem de palpitant, cu dezvaluiri socante si cu multe nume grele trimise dupa gratii. Dar si cu pierderea unor personaje de calibru !

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La fel ca seria 3 este un film extraordinar,in care acelasi comisar Catani infrunta mafia.

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