Make Me a Perfect Murder (1978)

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Robert Blees, Richard Levinson, William Link

Dată lansare (SUA):

25 Februarie 1978

Dată lansare (Romania):

18 Septembrie 2021

Kay Freestone is a West Coast TV executive whose boss, Mark McAndrews, is also her secret lover. When he gets promoted to a position in New York, he dumps her - and even denies her the job he's leaving. Her consolation prize is a new Mercedes. She's more interested in the gun he drops on the bed - after he jokingly invites her to shoot him. Joking or not, she takes him up on it. Later, he's found shot to death in his office. Kay seems to have been in the projection room when it happened. She was screening her pet project - a violent TV film called "The Professionals" - for her superiors. When our rumpled, redoubtable Lt. Columbo investigates, he learns this Emmy-winning producer can commit a bloody act just as well as film it.




Cand o femeie ucide un barbat, ea trebuie sa aiba un motiv, cand ea este si asistenta acestuia si chear il intrece in meserie...Lt. Colombo nu poate lasa crima neelucidata chear daca intr-o oarecare masura femeia avea circumstante atenuante.

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