Mazloom (1986)

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C.P. Dixit

Dată lansare (SUA):

19 Septembrie 1986

Dată lansare (Romania):

29 Noiembrie 2020

While returning home via train, Purnima gets sexually assaulted by a stranger, keeps it to herself, but her parents eventually find out and the shock kills her dad. Since it was too late to abort the baby boy, her mother gives it away to a stranger. Purnima gets married to her sweetheart, Vijay, a Chief Engineer, but ironically the very same child ends up in their care, and they name him Rajan. Years later, Purnima gives birth to Aman. The two boys grow up, siblings rivalry prevails to such an extent that eventually they end up falling in love with the same woman, Meena. Things keep on getting complicated so much so that a member of their family ends up getting killed, and another getting arrested.


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