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Moleman 3 - Journey to the Surface (2014)

Muzică, Documentar | 08 May 2014 (Switzerland, Hungary)

Vakondok 3: Út a Felszínre (2014)

Moleman 3 - Journey to the Surface

Muzică, Documentar (Switzerland, Hungary)

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James Gunn


Nicole Perlman, James Gunn


Flame Film Bt

Dată lansare (SUA):

8 Mai 2014

Dată lansare (Romania):

28 Septembrie 2020

Moleman 3 is a documentary diary about a journey from the underground to the cultural surface. Music styles and artists ignored by record labels and the mainstream media didn't have much chance of getting wide recognition back in the day. The digital revolution changed everything. The Internet and digital technology, accessible to everyone, reshaped the music industry completely. The significance of record labels which controlled mainstream music has changed and decayed. For genres building themselves up from the bottom, success was once unimaginable without a record label and money. As of today, thanks to the digital revolution, it can easily be done. The possibility of doing worldwide self-management and creating quality content becoming available to everyone has opened the way from the streets to the biggest stages. The Internet didn't just give artists a chance to get their work to everyone; it also gave the audience a chance to find anything. Today we can't just consume what is served to us by the mainstream media. It's up to us if we look for something that is valuable to us or if we just satisfy ourselves with something we are handed. We have to uncover the joy of discovery. During his journey, Moleman shows you independent artists and genres building themselves up from the bottom, who do not follow the mainstream taste, but find their own way to the surface. Beatbox, turntablism, DJing, bedroom and award-winning producers, live improvisation are waiting for you on this road.


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