नौनिहाल (1967)


Familie, Crimă, Dramă (India)

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Raj Marbros

Dată lansare (SUA):

10 Aprilie 1967

Dată lansare (Romania):

31 Iulie 2021

The Principal of New Era High School in Panchgani finds an orphan, Raju, who had lost his parents to plague, brings him home, and enrolls him in the school. Raju notices that while every student has parents and visitors, he has no one to call his own. He gets distraught and is assured by the Principal that he does have a relative in Chacha Nehru (Jawaharlal Nehru, the Indian Prime Minister). Raju believes him, and when he finds out through his teacher, Uma, that Nehru will be delivering a speech in Chowpatty, Bombay, he sneaks off in the trunk of a car. Upon arrival he faces harsh realities, his money is almost stolen, and he is befriended by a cynical deranged male, who tells him that Nehru is now a speech-prone politician and is unable to hear what the common citizen has to say. He also tells him that Nehru has left Chowpatty and is at the Government Bungalow. Both take a cab there, but are told that Nehru has departed for Delhi. Raju attempts to go to Delhi but is abducted by Ustad Mansharam and forced to beg on the streets along with a blind beggar, Kavita, who lives with a child, Rani. When Ustad's men blind Rani, Raju attempts to run away with her, but abandons her and sneaks abroad a Delhi-bound train. Upon arrival, he passes out on the street due to exhaustion and hunger and is rescued by a kind-hearted resident who also summons the Principal, Uma, and Uma's fiancé, Rakesh. Together they prepare Raju to meet with Nehru and impress upon him that the very people who are supposed to protect the most vulnerable are, in fact, exploiting them. Will Raju be able to take this message to Nehru?


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