Chipul de la fereastra (2004)

The Face at the Window

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Graeme Harper

Dată lansare (SUA):

6 Aprilie 2004

Dată lansare (Romania):

14 Mai 2021

A young boy called Erri has run away from his village in Yugoslavia, and ended up in Britain. He is taken to the detention, where he is questioned by Mirko (Serge Soric). He escapes, and is found by Victoria and Robert, who smuggle him to their house. They keep him in next door's attic, thinking that he is in danger. Victoria contacts the Balkan Support Group, saying it is for a school project, and is allowed to talk to Julian (Aleksandar Mikic). She hints about Erri, then leaves. When Mirko and a detective come looking for Erri to keep him safe, Erri runs off with Robert, and a girl named Lesley. They hide out in a warehouse, and the next morning, Julian arrives at Victoria's house. He lets her use his phone to call Robert, and Julian then heads off to find Erri. Victoria tells the police just in time, and they manage to reach Erri before Julian and his crowbar reach him. Erri has to give evidence against Voynic, a warlord who killed everyone in Erri's village. He is afraid to, and although she knows she will never see him again, Lesley persuades him to. The series ends with Erri walking in the police station, holding Mirko's hand.


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