The Other Woman (2002)

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Dată lansare (SUA):

14 Octombrie 2002

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26 Septembrie 2021

Carlota and Cordelia are physically identical, but on the inside they are complete opposites. Carlota has grown up in a world dominated by her mother, Bernada, who emotionally abuses her and her older sister, Eugenia. Cordelia has grown up in a little town surrounded by farms and ranches. Cordelia is obsessed with wealth and power and will stop at nothing to get it. The story begins as Eugenia gets pregnant out of wedlock, faced by embarrassment Bernada sends her to a small town, the town in which Cordelia resides. Meanwhile Eugenia is gone and never spoken of, Carlota starts dating a doctor named Alvaro, it is true love. However, Bernada won't allow it, because if any of her daughters get married, Bernada will have to give them each their inheritance which is everything Bernada has. As their love grows, Alvaro's parents move into a ranch in the small town in which Cordelia lives, at their arrival she immediately starts plotting ways to get wealth and power. Unfortunately, two deaths occur on the same day, Alvaro's mom dies of a heart attack and Eugenia dies at child birth(her child is hidden away from Bernada due to Eugenia finding out her mother's true greedy nature). Alvaro succumbed by grief goes to the ranch, Carlota also discovers the news of her sister's death and is devastated. When Alvaro returns to look for Carlota he finds a coffin at her home, Bernada tricks him by saying it is Carlota who has died. He cannot take it and goes to his parents' house. There he meets Cordelia, who takes advantage of his grief over his mother's death, but to her surprise he is immediately taken by her resemblance to Carlota, which Cordelia later uses as her ticket into wealth and power as his wife. Years pass, Carlota has been torn and depressed by Alvaro's "abandonment" and her sister's death. She lives in a new town with new people and cannot let go of the past. Alvaro has been married to Cordelia and has a daughter named Natalia, however their marriage is a sham, a mistake from the beginning. Alvaro cannot let go of Carlota, and Cordelia has never cared about him and is having an affair with his brother, Adrian, who is as dangerous as she is. As fate would have it, while Carlota is in Mexico city on a trip, Cordelia goes there to stay with Adrian, they meet each other at the mall. They exchange a few words, Cordelia decides to conceal the fact that she is married to Alvaro. Adrian also happens to see them, discovering that Carlota is alive he tries to blackmail Cordelia. Meanwhile, as Bernada strolls through Mexico City she meets a handsome young man who is interested in her, Roman Guillen, the son of the man she had an affair with and ensnared him by revealing to everyone they had two daughters, Eugenia and Carlota. Roman does not know it is Bernada he is interested in until he looks for her in her home town, once he finds out who she is he plots his revenge on her. Alvaro and Cordelia continue to fight and it takes it toll on Natalia, who just wants to have a happy family. Cordelia promises to change and complies for a while until a family trip(at the request of Natalia) is planned, Cordelia ditches them and asks Carlota to take her place. Knowing how delicate the situation might be, Cordelia tricks Carlota into thinking that Alvaro is a bad husband who abuses any woman in his life, them being two examples. She uses Natalia as the sole reason why Carlota must take her place, to do it for the girl. Carlota agrees and manages to fall in love with Alvaro all over again, Alvaro also feels the same thing, not knowing it is Carlota who he is having these feelings for. Shortly after the vacation cruise is over, Carlota decides to leave her mom's house and moves to Mexico City on her own. Cordelia and Adrian relationship gets rockier, until Cordelia decides to have him killed, she plants a poisonous snake in his tub and awaits for it to kill Adrian as he bathes. But, somehow they begin to fight and she is pulled in and is killed instead. Adrian fakes a letter by Cordelia saying she left the ranch and will never come back. Natalia takes this badly and gets ill. Afraid that question will arise, Adrian asks Carlota, on Cordelia's part through another fake letter, if she could take her place once more because Natalia is sick. Carlota agrees despite her growing love and hate towards Alvaro, the man that made a fool of her all those years back. She leaves for Alvaro's ranch, missing her bus which later crashes and she is among the list of dead victims. Bernada finds out her daughter is "dead", and she cannot collect the inheritance unless a body is found. Carlota takes her place as Cordelia, the strict lady of the ranch, but her loving, compassionate personality often surfaces, making others suspect she is another woman. Carlota faces many challenges and lies, she discovers her nephew is alive and lives in the town, truth about her mother, and convincing everyone she is Cordelia. Will her hate over Alvaro triumph and keep on focused on her goal to get Natalia better then divorce him as Cordelia, or will she slowly let her guard down and reveal she is not Cordelia but the other? Or will her mother find her and reveal to everyone who she is?




mie mi-a placut, un serial interesant cu un scenariu diferit fata de celelate, un serial pe care chiar l-am urmarit, cei doi protagonisti se potrivesc de minune, si au roluri interesante.

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facut la 4 ani distanta de La usurpadora, preia tema acesteia ajustand-o putin.Imi place Yadhira Carrillo, dar mi se pare ca nu se potriveste cu juan Soler. In rest de-ale telenovelelor : -iubiri care rezista intacte dupa 10 ani - copii care afla ca parintii nu sunt de fapt parintii lor adevarati -fete cuminti, suspect de naive, care cred tot ceea ce li se spune -si dragostea care invinge pe uiltima 100 de metrii

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Foarte frumoasa special pentru subiectul care nu a a mai aparut in nici o telenovela,iar Yadhira este foarte frumoasa si foarte talentata.

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