Three Rivers

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27 Septembrie 2021

Three Rivers is about the lives of organ donors, the doctors, and recipients of the organs at Three Rivers, a preeminent transplant hospital in Pittsburgh. Dr. Andy Yablonski is the leader of the team of surgeons: Dr. Miranda Foster, a woman with a reputation of being a rebel and who strives to live up to her father's legacy; Dr. David Lee, the surgeon that breaks all the ladies' hearts; Ryan Abbott, the inexperienced new transplant coordinator with a complex new way of transferring organs to the patients; Dr. Sophia Jordan, the head of organ surgery, and Pam Acosta, Dr. Andy Yablonski's operating assistant and best friend. These are the stories of organ surgeons and what it's like to be in a race against the clock to save lives.




mie mi s-a parut foarte realist; si pe mine m-a captivat, am vazut sezonul 1, alte sezoane nu am gasit; oricum aparatura medicala si intreg sistemul prin care se fac donarile de organe in stete sunt impresionante.

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Un film interesant, putin nerealist dar incepe sa ma captiveze. L-am descoperit pe Diva Channel. Il recomand celor pasionati de serialele cu doctori.

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