My Bag o' Tricks (1929)

Trixie Friganza in My Bag o' Trix

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Murray Roth, Murray Roth, Murray Roth

Dată lansare (SUA):

15 Ianuarie 1929

Dată lansare (Romania):

24 Noiembrie 2020

A vaudeville act. Trixie Friganza performs first a story and then a song. For the story, she wears a wide-brimmed had and a matching diaphanous shawl. She tells of a visit to a friend who has a five-year old son. The mother tells Trixie a tale of stepping out on her husband, and to conceal the story from the boy, spells out key words. By the story's end, mom is in for a surprise and Trixie has a moral for us. Then, the hat and shawl come off, a base fiddle comes out, and Trixie sings us a comic song about her first two husbands.


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