Vanished (2006)

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Dată lansare (SUA):

21 August 2006

Dată lansare (Romania):

29 Noiembrie 2020

The FBI examines various crimes all somehow relating to the kidnapping of Sara, U.S. senator Jeffrey Collins's second wife, from Atlanta. First FBI special agent Graham Kelton is in charge, who proved his value in a previous kidnapping case but was traumatized for life by its ending, costing the life of his own son Nathan, takes charge, but quickly finds he's not just dealing with ransom-thieves but facing a complex conspiratorial web involving the senator's crucial political role, notably in judge Wallace Rainer's presidential nomination to the Supreme Court, his first wife Jessica Nevins, their teenage children Max and Marcy, and probably even Nathan's kidnapper-murderer. After Graham's murder in the line of duty, well-connected Special Agent Danny Lucas, dropped from the top, proves as competent and tenacious but faces new, mysterious complications.




Au fost destul de suparat la auzul vestii ca s-a anulat... acum 2 ani si chiar si acum mai am o oarecare parere de rau. Era un serial captivant chiar daca avea unele elemente copiate de prin alta parte, serialul era plin de mister. Il recomand chiar daca sunt doar 11 episoade.

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A fost un serial reusit desi a tinut foarte putin si nu era chiar original, dar nici altele nu sunt si totusi continua sa fie difuzate mai multe serii chiar "trase de par", de aceea consider ca mai merita o sansa

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o precizare:nathan nu era copilul agentului fbi. si mie imi pare rau ca l-au anulat, la fel ca pe kings si alte seriale bune :(

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