Welcome to the Southside (2006)

Welcome to the Southside

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Madan Mohla

Dată lansare (SUA):

15 Iulie 2006

Dată lansare (Romania):

24 Noiembrie 2020

Tootie is a female drug dealer, just getting home from doing a four year stint, looking to get back in the game. When one of her young workers get locked up for serving, she gets in touch with his brother, Blow. When he meets Tootie, Blow instantly falls in love with her. While he pursues the ambitious road as a spoken word artist, Blow's and Tootie's relationship takes a turn for the worse, after the kidnapping of her son by his father, she finds out that the cops that set her up are out to get get her, and one of her worker's is out to take what she used to have. All in All, it's either going to be the power or love that's going to save her from the neighborhood of Chavalon.


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