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How I Met Spielberg (2016)

Documentar | 23 Ianuarie 2016 ( United States of America , Spain )

'How I met Spielberg' centers on Spanish filmmaker Armando Molina II's three year attempt to meet Steven Spielberg through the 'six degrees of separation' theory.

Skateboard Madness (1980)

Comedie , Documentar | 15 Septembrie 1980 ( United States of America )

When a reporter too laid-back for his own good is told his last chance to keep his job is to get some good photos for a story on skateboarding, he seeks out a group of four boarders who agree to take him on a skateboarding tour of California. After showing extensive footage of skateboarding moves and tricks, the film then goes on to show some surfing and snowboarding. The film is also bookended by a pair of animated shorts, both about skateboard racing.

Jean Claude Van Damme's Damn Van (2014)

| 10 Noiembrie 2014 ( United States of America )

Martial artist and flower deliveryman Kurt, his tough timecop sister, who's being chased by a cyborg, and their badass dad, retired Colonel Luc Sloane, must stop the evil mayor of Paradise City and his murderous henchmen.

South of the Border with Disney (1942)

Documentar , Familie | 23 Noiembrie 1942 ( United States of America )

A travelogue documenting Walt Disney's trip with his animators through various South American countries, with a spotlight on the exotic geography and colorful cultures they encountered.

Nightshift Nurses (1987)

| 1 Ianuarie 1987 ( United States of America )

African-American hospital janitor Edwin Justice doesn't care being caught by head nurse Wanda enjoying peeping on hospital worker Idaho Moe with Nurse Lisa and another nurse. Suffering from a headache, patient Jennifer is told by Dr. Leo Grow to take a thermometer from behind while in the nude. The doctor doesn't know than in between checks, she grabs the janitor. Nurses Linda, Lisa and Laura take quick advantage of sleeping patient Lance Weed. He only wakes up after they move on to each other, but they invite him to join in. Buxom nurse Loretta acts out on feeling seduced by self-wrestler patient Detso Ritter. Just before an inspection, the nurses run out of clothes. Patient Lance Weed tricks Sister Isobel to grant him a last wish, and Dr. Leo Grow casually joins in. Idaho Moe seduces nurse Linda publicly in the hallway. Not being able to forget how she caught the janitor peeping and he didn't care, head nurse Wanda corners him and takes back control.