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Rose-France (1919)

Dramă | 27 Iunie 1919 ( France )

A French chauvinistic propaganda film made during the Great War.

Resurrection: The J.R. Richard Story (2005)

Dramă | 1 Ianuarie 2005 ( United States of America )

The story of famed Houston Astros Fastball Pitcher J.R. Richard, from his high school days in Louisiana, his first round draft pick in 1969, to the massive stroke he suffered in 1980, to his abandonment by the only team he ever played for, to his living as a homeless man under a Houston bridge, to his Resurrection by friends and fans back into baseball.

Miss Susie Slagle's (1946)

Dramă | 4 Martie 1946 ( United States of America )

Miss Susie Slagle's has opened her large home as a boarding house for medical students in Baltimore. The young men are encouraged by the compassionate Miss Susie as each struggles with the pressures of becoming doctors. One of her student boarders contracts diphtheria and dies, his loving fiancée, a student nurse bravely puts her grief aside to fulfill their dream of helping the poor in China. Finally the school year ends and Miss Susie wishes each of her boarders good success as she prepares once more to welcome a new group of eager young students.

Happiness of Us Alone (1961)

Dramă | 15 Ianuarie 1961 ( Japan )

A sympathetic portrayal of the suffering of a deaf couple at the hands of a shell shocked postwar society that treats them like wayward children to be at turns pitied or exploited.

Dromómanos (2012)

Dramă | 12 Aprilie 2012

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Five dromómanos roam the city and a village on the outskirts of a Buenos Aires almost unrecognizable, nocturnal, fierce, concrete and lyrical. There is a loving trio fascinated by a piglet,...