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The Social Reformer (2012)

Acțiune , Comedie , Dramă | 26 Septembrie 2012

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Set months before the recent social movements that rocked Chile and the world, we are introduced to Ulises Morales, an exemplary citizen of Santiago who believes that Chilean citizens have lost their values and sense of social responsibility. He is a contemporary reformer that in times of change pursues a single mission: to give thousands of Chileans and Latin Americans the power to change their destiny, to become aware and accountable as a new social order emerges.

Something Fishy (2010)

Aventuri , Acțiune | 27 Noiembrie 2010 ( Australia )

A poignant drama about Nick, a 15 year-old boy who risks everything after he sacrifices his friendship with his best mate Trev, to save himself.

The Naked Seven (1972)

Aventuri , Acțiune | 27 Decembrie 1972 ( Japan )

A gang consisting of seven women roams around the country to steal and resell everything that makes money. When the gang leader falls in love with a samurai and agrees to steal guns for him, he betrays her and soon the women are chased by many enemies.

Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial (2010)

Acțiune , Aventuri , Familie , SF | 23 Decembrie 2010 ( Japan )

When the Menacing Belial resurfaces with an army of powerful combatants in another plot to take over the galaxy, Ultraman Zero begins to build up of a new band of comrades, both human and alien, to defeat Belial again.

Maula Jat (1979)

Dramă , Acțiune | 10 Februarie 1979 ( Pakistan )

Maula Jat tells the true story of it's eponymous hero's blood feud with the local "gunda" Nuri Nath.

Sahhas (1981)

Acțiune | 18 Septembrie 1981

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