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Cowboys Don't Cry (1988)

Dramă , Acțiune , Western | 1 Ianuarie 1988 ( Canada )

As long as Shane Morgan can remember, he has lived on the road with his mother and father, a rodeo performer. Their dreams of making enough money to settle down happily in one place are shattered when a traffic accident kills his mother, and his father takes so badly to drink that Shane becomes the de facto head of the household. When his grandfather dies, leaving Shane a small ranch in his will, he hopes that his dream might come true at last. But how can a 14-year-old boy turn the run-down place around and keep the banker from seizing it, while attending school and looking after a father who is usually in the liability column?

G.I. Joe: Initiate (2012)

Thriller , Acțiune | 8 Septembrie 2012

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When Beachhead is captured while on an advon mission to scout out a Cobra compound, Sgt Stalker leads a team consisting of Low-Light, Recondo and Mercer to break their teammate loose from the clutches of Major Bludd. In addition, the team is out to deal with the traitorous Chuckles and must deal with Firefly and other villains along the way.

Deadly Twins (1985)

Acțiune , Dramă | 2 Septembrie 1985

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The Landers sister star as twin sisters (obviously) in this oddly disturbing film. The girls, who are budding performers, are booked for a club date, which quickly turns into a nightmare. ...