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The Addams Family XXX (2011)

Comedie , Horror | 4 Octombrie 2011

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Black Holler (2017)

Comedie , Horror | 24 Aprilie 2017 ( United States of America )

In 1989. street-smart Laquita Johnson is forced into a camping trip with a bunch of ridiculous white students on her first day at a new school. All the students make it to the woods, but very few of them make it out of Black Holler.

Blood Moon (2012)

Horror | 9 Mai 2012 ( United States of America )

Luke Parker, a brilliant young psychiatrist has always relied on analysis and logic. But his amazing mind can't fathom the call of his destiny. Luke's patient, William Titus embodies why 'lunar' is the root of 'lunatic.' He's a serial killer, but more than that, he believes he's a werewolf. And Titus has a secret.

Butterfly Dust (2014)

SF , Dramă , Horror | 25 August 2014 ( United States of America )

After their human test subjects turn into animalistic horrors, a small group of scientists barricade themselves in their laboratory, but they must balance moral conflict with survival as their botched creations attack.