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Returning to Jedi (2007)

Documentar | 20 Ianuarie 2007

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Returning to Jedi is an in-depth look at the making of Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi. It features rare alternate takes, production audio, on-screen facts, cast and crew commentary, storyboards, behind the scenes footage and reconstructed scenes.

REGIA: Jamie Benning

How I Met Spielberg (2016)

Documentar | 23 Ianuarie 2016 ( United States of America , Spain )

'How I met Spielberg' centers on Spanish filmmaker Armando Molina II's three year attempt to meet Steven Spielberg through the 'six degrees of separation' theory.

Skateboard Madness (1980)

Comedie , Documentar | 15 Septembrie 1980 ( United States of America )

When a reporter too laid-back for his own good is told his last chance to keep his job is to get some good photos for a story on skateboarding, he seeks out a group of four boarders who agree to take him on a skateboarding tour of California. After showing extensive footage of skateboarding moves and tricks, the film then goes on to show some surfing and snowboarding. The film is also bookended by a pair of animated shorts, both about skateboard racing.

South of the Border with Disney (1942)

Documentar , Familie | 23 Noiembrie 1942 ( United States of America )

A travelogue documenting Walt Disney's trip with his animators through various South American countries, with a spotlight on the exotic geography and colorful cultures they encountered.

2001 World Series (2001)

Documentar | 30 Noiembrie 2001 ( United States of America )

Driven by the tragedy of 9/11, the defending World Champion New York Yankees squared off against the Arizona Diamondbacks in what will be remembered as one of the greatest World Series in history.

Felice chi è diverso (2014)

Documentar | 6 Februarie 2014

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Fyren (2000)

Documentar | 25 Februarie 2000

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Star Wars Heroes & Villains (2005)

Documentar | 3 Mai 2005

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A look at the creation and filming of the various heroes & villains from all six Star Wars movies.