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Diagnosis Murder: Town Without Pity (2002)

Crimă | 2 Februarie 2002

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In Los Rios enroute to Los Angeles, Carol makes an urgent call to her father, Dr. Mark Sloan, pleading for help. Arriving in the small, seemingly pleasant mountain town, Mark investigates but the whole community denies knowing anything about his daughter and her husband. Dr. Sloan, however, soon uncovers enough evidence to make him believe that his daughter and son-in-law may have met a tragic end.

Time Suspended (2015)

Crimă , Documentar , Dramă | 10 Martie 2015 ( Argentina , Mexico )

This documentary is about memory, the memory of a woman that has fought tirelessly against historical amnesia and for the justice of the crimes of state in Argentina.

The Dead King (2015)

Thriller , Comedie , Crimă , Mister | 23 Aprilie 2015

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Tracking down filthy crooks with absolutely no morals without a trace, the curse of Detective Bosworth. Shortly before midnight, he received a dubious call.

Sunset Park (2018)

Crimă , Dramă | 29 Martie 2018 ( United States of America )

Gino Sarcione, a boxer, is forced to take his fight outside the ring into the back alleys of Sunset Park to stand up for what's right and protect those he loves.